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Version: 28.0.18 🚧

Progression and Player Data

Progression video

Progression adds a critical component proven to help drive the success of your game.

Progression Feature​

  • The Next Level of Player Engagement
    • With these progression tools, the power is in your hands to create genre-defining meta gameplay systems for your players
  • Serverless and No-Code Tools
    • Store custom user data with a simple mobile API. Configure your experience via a no-code developer console UI. Launch special events with the push of a button
  • Retention Yields Results
    • Best practice implementations can improve your retention by orders of magnitude - Keep your players coming back for more, which means better ARPDAU and Lifetime Value for you

Progression API​

  • Seamless, Persistent Data Storage
    • Persist any information you choose on the player object, stored in a key/value schema you define.
  • As Powerful as Your Creativity
    • Track player statistics, power a new high score system, create custom challenges, reward virtual goods, or build robust progression systems. The possibilities are as endless
  • Lightning Fast and Secure
    • Your data stores are available only to you and pass through the same strict security controls as the rest of the Skillz SDK. API calls return in milliseconds; synced to the cloud in near real-time

Progression Room Entry Point​

  • Customizable
    • Premium real estate on the Home Tab of the SDK and Side Menu - Assets and text completely controlled by you via the Developer Console and deployable with a single push
  • Infinite Possibilities
    • New method that enables you to load any custom game scene once players tap entry point
  • Dynamic to the Player
    • Create dynamic text strings using your PlayerData key/values to create personalized experiences that evolve with the player. Define logic conditions that control which image/video to present to the player, enhancing the personalized experience with rich graphics

Key Features​

  • Video support for your main content (.mp4)
  • Localization options for 9 supported languages. Simply provide us with the translations, and the SDK will render the correct language based on the user’s locale
  • Launch a custom game scene by implementing a new method that is invoked when a user taps your custom entry point Create unique player experiences using your custom PlayerData key/values to form dynamic strings. Define conditions that control which image or video to present to the player, enhancing the personalized experience with rich graphics.

See example below



Side Menu


Case Study​

Read this case study to see Progression and player data in action


For implementation steps, visit Implement Progression.