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Version: 28.1.4 🚧

Release Notes


The documentation seen here is designed to be a guide to get you up and running successfully and quickly with the Skillz SDK. Version 28 brought with it a lot of updates and improvements designed to improve the experience for you and your players. Please take some time to review what has been released and look to implement these enhancements in a future build.

New in this version - Version 28

  • Unity 2020 support - The Skillz SDK now officially supports development in Unity 2020. (2020.3.31f1 or later is recommended)
  • Xcode 13 support - The Skillz SDK on iOS has been compiled with Xcode 13 and now supports building iOS projects with Xcode 13.
  • Android API Level 30 support - The Skillz SDK on Android has been compiled with target and compile SDK 30, and minimum compatible SDK to API Level 24.
  • CocoaPods upgrade - The Skillz SDK on iOS is now integrated in Unity projects using CocoaPods! This creates a more streamlined export flow on iOS.
  • New leagues available - A new revamped Leagues 3.0 feature is here! We added a brand new spanking UI/UX, an ability to create new leagues outside of practice / pro, and some powerful backend segmentation capabilities to engage the entire player base, and not just the top players!
  • Firebase 8.x compability - Firebase Unity SDK v8.9.0 or later is now recommended when implementing Firebase Cloud Messaging or any other Firebase products/libraries
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements
  • COMING SOON - New progression system - We have built a data API for Seasons. You can now fetch the full season data of the current season based on the season start date and end date if one is currently active. (documentation in progress)

Minimum iOS version

  • Minimum iOS version supported is 12

Minimum Android version

  • Minimum Android version is 24
  • Android target version is 30

Use this for your store description

Challenge people around the world with Skillz®, a competition platform complete with leaderboards, trophies, physical or virtual prizes, and an amazing loyalty program that rewards you just for playing! Skillz: eSports for Everyone®