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Skillz Currency Modes

You can monetize your Skillz-integrated game in two different ways. One way is to enable both cash competitions and in-app virtual currency competitions. The other way is to enable ONLY virtual currency competitions. We’ve laid out the differences for you in the table below. (Keep in mind that you won’t be able to change this selection later, unless you contact us directly).

Cash and Virtual CurrencyPlayers deposit cash or use free virtual currency to competeVirtual Currency OnlyPlayers purchase virtual currency to compete
PrizeHead-to-head competitions, brackets, live events, leagues—for cash and virtual currency winningsHead-to-head competitions, brackets, live events, leagues—for virtual currency winnings
Entry FeePlayers given free virtual currency to enter practice tournaments; can deposit money using below payment methods to enter professional tournamentsPlayers given limited amount of free virtual currency to enter tournaments; can purchase more when they run out
PaymentSkillz payment processing (CC, PayPal, Apple Pay)App store (e.g. Apple App Store, Google Play) payment processing for in-app purchases; developers set up IAP packages themselves
DistributionApple App Store and games.skillz.comApple App Store, Google Play, and