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Skillz Accelerate - Program Details

What is Skillz Accelerate

Skillz Accelerate is a program that spotlights exciting new releases from the Skillz developer community. With over 40 million registered players, our Skillz community is always looking for new and exciting games to play.

From within the SDK, there are multiple entry points to where users can discover new games. We have tracking on all of these entry points and can detect when a user is viewing from one of these entry points. Note for example, the creative_id in the this url

For these sessions, Skillz Accelerate will display a special Featured section that spotlights the games currently in the program. This cross promotion of existing Skillz players into Accelerate titles will help these games grow, create opportunities for valuable player feedback and ultimately support them meeting the requirements to unlock prized tournaments.

Highly successful titles may also receive user acquisition support to further grow their audience!

If accepted into the program, your game will be featured on the New Games section of for 5 weeks! For the first week, your game will be the #1 Featured Game, dropping 1 spot on the list for each week of the program.

How you can apply

Skillz Accelerate is available to Skillz games that have launched but do not yet offer prized tournaments.

To apply to the program, navigate to your game’s Overview Tab within the Skillz Developer Console and apply through the Accelerate widget.

Review Process

Once applying, our team will review your application using the following criteria:

  1. Game is free of bugs, crashes, and UX errors
  2. The final score as reported in the SDK matches what is show in gameplay
  3. Players have the ability to end the game early and doing so submits a score and NOT an abort
  4. Controls are functional
  5. All on screen text is legible across multiple devices
    1. Devices tested include iPhone 6 and up, as well as the latest supported Android devices
  6. Game must be of “good” level of quality
    1. While subjective, the game must be “fun”
    2. Gameplay starts as expected
    3. Core mechanics function as intended (ie: if it’s an endless runner, can you actually dodge obstacles?)
  7. No explicit or off-brand content
    1. No gambling or gambling-related games
    2. All app store materials, names, and descriptions follow our game theme and marketing guidelines
      1. Make special care to follow our guidelines for Marketing and In-Game Copy
  8. Game exhibits some uniqueness of art quality and overall production value. It is more than a simple asset pack with Skillz added on.

Success Story

Skillz Accelerate debuted earlier this year with igamebank’s® 2 Minute Football. The title was featured on the front page of, which increased the game’s installs per day by 5x and drove enough daily active users to the game for the enablement of prized competitions and revenue generation from organic traffic.

As the game continued to grow, it also showed exceptional player retention, with Day 7 (D7) retention rates handily outperforming sports genre benchmarks. Skillz and igamebank® then launched a joint digital marketing user acquisition campaign.

Skillz is excited to share the success of 2 Minute Football and the Accelerate program with other independent developers. It’s an incredible opportunity for developers to grow their newly Skillz-enabled game into a highly successful title.

Read here for an interview with the developer of 2 Minute Football and to learn how it helped propel his game to a smash success!