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Release Notes


The documentation seen here is designed to be a guide to get you up and running successfully and quickly with the Skillz SDK. This version brings with it many updates and improvements designed to improve the experience for you and your players. Please take some time to review what has been released and look to implement these enhancements in a future build.

New Features in Major Version 29

  • Updated the Skillz Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP) to Singular to increase UA efficiency for all titles.

  • Improved Push Notification Deep Linking to allow players to enter matches and make deposits with fewer taps.

  • Unity Development Resources/Tools
    • Added Skillz SIDEkick to enable faster turn around when iterating on your Skillz integration by mocking the entire SDK integration flow, as well as Skillz API calls, in the Unity Editor.
    • Added Unity debug logging option to improve insights into how a game interacts with the Skillz SDK.
    • Added Brick Breaker example project with reference implementations and best practices.
  • Added Unity 2021 LTS Support

  • Added Xcode 14 support

Minimum iOS Version

  • Minimum iOS version supported is 12

Minimum Android Version

  • Minimum Android version is 24
  • Android target version is 31

New Features in Minor Version 29.1.28

  • Updated Play Screen to improve the performance of the Skillz UI/UX - Live on production soon!

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed: Some Android users in rural areas could not enter a cash game
  • Fixed: Certain client side analytics events were not being ingested correctly on iOS
  • Fixed: Internal Singular install flow testing improvements
  • Fixed: Android build issue when building directly to APK
  • Fixed: Skillz settings return to default on project import

Known Issues

  • Unity Android Gradle Build Failed: This version of the SDK requires Gradle 6.5+ when Unity is bundled with 6.1.1
  • Missing Xcode workspace file
  • Android incremental build
    • Please use clean build for Android if incremental build fails.

Use this for your store description

Challenge people around the world with Skillz, a competition platform complete with leaderboards, trophies, physical or virtual prizes, and an amazing loyalty program that rewards you for playing!

What's new for your store description

  • Bug fixes and improved stability