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Debug Logging


Debug logging is a setting that can be enabled in the Skillz settings. It enables greater insight into how a Unity game is interacting with the Skillz SDK.

Using Debug Logging

  1. Go to Skillz > Settings from the menu bar.
  2. Under the Game Settings sections, select the Debug Logging option.
  3. Run the game using SIDEkick in the Unity Editor. Messages will appear in the Console.
  4. Most debug messages will also appear in Logcat logs when building to mobile devices. Make sure and select the Development Build option in the Build Settings to see Unity log messages in Logcat.

Logging Message Types


Interactions with the Skillz API, SDK initialization, or Skillz specific build scripts. Build script messages will always display even if debug logging is off.

[Skillz Editor Settings]

Loading settings from the Skillz settings.

[Skillz SIDEkick]

Internal SIDEkick functionality. These will only display when running your game within the Unity editor.

Warnings and Errors

Warnings and errors are always displayed even if debug logging is off.