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Version: 27.2.8

Release Notes


The documentation seen here is designed to be a guide to get you up and running successfully and quickly with the Skillz SDK. Version 27 brought with it a lot of updates and improvements designed to improve the expereince for you and your players. Please take some time to review what has been released and look to implmemenet these enhancmeents in a future build.

New in this version - Version 27.2.8​

  • New InGameItems NameSpace for Progression - track your players’ virtual goods inventory using this namespace in the Progression API
  • New DefaultPlayerData NameSpace for Progression - access automatically updating, read-only statistics about your players using this namespace in the Progression API
  • New PlayerData NameSpace for Progression - track your players’ statistics and other progression-related data using this namespace in the Progression API
  • Updated user attribution tracking in accordance with iOS 14.5
  • New Custom Entry Point added to the Home Tab and Side Menu of the SDK
  • New Onboarding Flow for Real-Time Games
  • New Loyalty Store for prizes and fulfillment
  • New EndReplay API - Control when to end a cash match replay after score submission
  • Add functions for Play Again button after queueing for multiple sync stakes for Z
  • Support for auto-expanding head to head matches section
  • New Submit Score API Methods
  • Support for Bot Matches in Real-Time Games
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements

NEW Submit Score API Methods​

You can now submit the final score as soon as a match ends without being forced to load the Skillz UI, reducing abort rates and improving the real-time gameplay experience.

With full control over when to return to Skillz, and the safety to know the player’s score is already submitted, you can create deep and engaging post-match experiences without putting the player on a time limit.

NEW Progression API​

Persist ANY information you choose on the player object, stored in a key/value schema YOU define. Track player statistics, power a new high score system, create custom challenges, secure your player inventory, or build robust progression systems. The possibilities are endless.

With 27.2.8 you have access to three namespaces

  • PlayerData - track your players’ statistics and other custom progression-related data that you define
  • InGameItems - track your players’ virtual goods inventory
  • DefaultPlayerData - access automatically updating, read-only statistics about your players such as games played or player level

For more information, read our case study or check out our API reference docs.

NEW Progression Room Entry Point​

New premium real estate on the Home Tab of the SDK and Side menu - Assets and text completely controlled by you via the DevConsole and deployable with a single push. We also support custom translations for all 9 of our supported languages. When a player taps on this new entry point, it will trigger a new method that you can use to load any custom game scene. Simply call ReturnToSkillz in order to return to the SDK.

NEW EndReplay API​

Use this API to control the end of your replay in cash matches. If your post match experience includes rich progression experiences, we recommend calling this API to end the replay once you’ve presented the user with their score summary. This will reduce the load on the user’s device and also ensure that your gameplay replays do not contain unnecessary video that’s extraneous to the core gameplay.

NEW Real-Time Onboarding Flow​

Support for real-time bot matches to give new users a smooth and fun first gameplay experience.

Updated SDK Tutorials to explain tournament results and how to join real-time tournaments.

Fully testable in order to determine the optimal user onboarding experience. Reach out to your Skillz account representative to learn more about how to integrate a new tutorial into your real-time game.

NEW Loyalty Store​

A brand new design makes it much easier for players to browse, find and redeem prizes. Rich customization options coming soon!

We’ve also revamped our fulfillment pipeline - We now offer a wider range of prizes while also reducing overall processing time.

skAdNetwork and User Attribution​

The Skillz SDK will call the registerAppForAdNetworkAttribution method once initialized. Please refer to the Apple Documentation for all details concerning app install attribution with the skAdNetwork.

Important for iOS Integration​

Please Note: Xcode 12 is now supported!!!​

The latest version of Xcode is now supported.

Please Note: App Transport Security (ATS) Now Required​

We have enabled ATS for iOS. This forces secure connections for all network communication. Please refer to Apple's docs Preventing Insecure Network Connections for more details.

Important for Android Integration​

  • The compileSdkVersion and targetSdkVersion has changed to 29
  • The AndroidManifest (included in the SDK) has an added setting
    <application android:requestLegacyExternalStorage="true">
    which is required for the SDK to be compatible with API level 29. Please verify that this setting exists before uploading your new build.

Use this for your store description​

Challenge people around the world with Skillz®, a competition platform complete with leaderboards, trophies, physical or virtual prizes, and an amazing loyalty program that rewards you just for playing! Skillz: eSports for Everyone®

What's new for your store description​

  • A brand new storefront for redeeming prizes
  • Bug fixes and improved stability
  • Exciting additional features! (If implementing progression or new real-time tutorial features, call them out here.)