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Version: 27.1.3

Getting Started

Tech Requirements

Skillz for Unity requires the following:

  • Unity 2019 LTS or later
  • Xcode 12 or higher (when building games for iOS)
    • Deployment target of 10.0 or higher
  • Android Studio 4.x or higher (when building games for Android)
    • Android API Level 23 (Android 6.0) or higher

Configure Unique Package and Bundle IDs

If possible, we recommend making your Android package name and iOS bundle ids unique in order to prevent potential issues when beginning user acquisition spend. As a general naming convention, we recommend using com.<your_company_name>.<your_game_name>.<ios|android>. Example: com.skillz.myskillzgame.ios

3rd-Party SDKs

While in general the Skillz SDK is compatible with most major SDKs used in game and app development. As a general guideline, we recommend you keep the number of SDKs you incorporate to a minimum in order to limit potential conflicts. If you’ve already launched with Skillz, please reach out to our Integrations team before you take on additional 3rd-party SDKs.

Sign Up For Skillz

Before you begin integrating the Skillz SDK, you need to create an account on the Skillz Developer Console. The Developer Console is your primary workspace for creating, customizing, and managing your Skillz games.

Get Your Game ID

Your Skillz Game ID is used to identify your game on Skillz. Once you have your Game ID, you can immediately start testing in our Sandbox environment. To receive your Game ID, add a new game project via the Skillz Developer Console. After providing some basic details about your game, you can find your Game ID in the top left of the header.

Code Examples

Find our latest sample projects here!

Integration Support

If you are unable to find a solution in our documentation you can reach out to us directly through our contact form. Provide as much detail as possible for the quickest resolution.


  1. Verify Tech Requirements
  2. Get Game ID from Skillz Developer Console
  3. Install the SDK
  4. Build and Test
  5. Implement the Skillz Delegate
  6. Initialize Skillz
  7. Launch Skillz
  8. Exit Skillz
  9. Build and Test
  10. Launch Gameplay
  11. Submit the Score
  12. End Replay
  13. Return to Skillz
  14. Implement Score Reporting Fallback
  15. Handle Incomplete Matches
  16. Build and Test