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Version: 27.1.3

Going Live with skillz

After you have integrated the Skillz SDK into your game, and tested it thoroughly, you will reach a point when you are ready to release your game on the appropriate app store, and going live on Skillz. We'll will walk you through the process of getting your game live on Skillz, and submitting it to the appropriate app store(s).

Release Checklist​

Before going live on Skillz, make sure you have completed the steps below in your integration process. We also recommend that you implment some best practices to help prevent cheating.

Switch Your Game to Production​

The first step in launching your game is to switch from using the Skillz Sandbox server (used for testing and development) to using the Skillz Production server.

Once you rebuild the game to use Production, This causes all your interactions through Skillz to run against our production server, where real cash transactions are enabled.

Open the Skillz Settings window (run the Skillz > Settings menu item), change the Skillz Environment to Production: Skillz Settings

Generate Binary For Skillz​

After you have switched your game to Production, you need to upload a binary of the final version of your game to the Skillz Developer Console. This is done for security reasons. By uploading a binary of your game to our server, we can verify that only your game is attempting to access our production servers.

For iOS, you can upload a binary to Skillz by creating an .ipa file. In Xcode, this can be done by selecting Product -> Archive and then exporting with the Save for Ad Hoc Deployment option. Further documentation on .ipa creation can be found in Apple’s documentation.

For Unity, refer to these instructions.

For Android, follow Steps 1 and 2 in the official instructions. For iOS, refer to the official guide.

Upload Your Binary​

Once you have your game binary, go to your Skillz Developer Console Dashboard, choose your game and click on the Binaries section. Enter a name for your game, and upload the .ipa. Please note that if you change your game in any way after uploading the game binary, you must upload a new version in order to play the updated version on the Skillz Production server. You may upload as many binaries as you want.

Make sure to upload your binary to the Skillz Developer Console each time you make a change in your game.

Also, make sure that the binary you submit to the app store is the same one that you have uploaded to our server!

Binaries Section

Test Skillz in Production​

After switching to the Production environment and uploading your binary, it is important to fully test all the functionality of your game again. We highly encourage you to test on as many different devices as possible.

Here is a list of the things you should test in Production:

  • Verify you can launch Skillz from your game.
  • Verify you can log in to a Skillz Production account.
  • Verify you can play in all configured tournaments.
  • Verify that scores and tournament results are being properly reported.
  • Test that cash transactions work in Production.
  • Verify that no Skillz operations cause your game to crash.
  • Ensure that if players attempting to abort a game are asked to confirm that they want to forfeit the match.
  • Verify that push notifications are working in Production.
  • Don’t forget, in order to test a new binary in production, you must first upload that binary from the Skillz Developer Console, as mentioned in the previous step.

Production testing can only be done on an actual device, not through the simulator. You must load that binary on to a real device.

Submit to the Appropriate App Store(s)​

At this point, you can release your game to the appropriate app stores.

Enroll with Apple as an Organization​

For your iOS apps, please enroll as an organization (not as an individual) with Apple and submit your app under that organization. Apple requires competition skill-based games to be submitted by organizations. If you submit games as an individual, your app will be rejected.

Please refer to Apple's docs for enrollment information.

Become a Samsung Partner​

Please note that if you don't register as a Samsung Partner, then you will be required to integrate the SDK and have in-app purchases within your game. Therefore, to simplify the submission process to the Samsung Galaxy Store, please enroll your Android apps as a Samsung partner.

Please refer to the Samsung docs for more details.

Sign Up for Skillz Games​

To distribute your game on, fill out all of the information in the "Publish on Skillz Games" page, which you can find in your game's Optimize tasks.

Add links to your iOS App Store and/or Samsung Galaxy Store listings so users on applicable devices are directed to those stores upon requesting to download. You can also select which of your Android game builds will be served to non-Samsung Android users to download directly from the page.

Refer to the appropriate app store submission article(s) that your game will be available on. If have a crossplatform game, this usually means you will be submitting to the iOS App Store, Samsung Galaxy Store, along with the Skillz Gamer Portal.

Receiving Payments​

Once your game is live with Skillz, it's time to get paid.

Any game that is running cash tournaments is eligible for receiving payment. We pay our developers within 45 days of the close of the month.

The minimum amount that we will disburse is $250. If your earnings do not reach $250 in a single month, they will be rolled over until you accrue $250 or more in earnings.

Our developers located in the United States have the option of receiving disbursement either by check or payment. Skillz will charge a $30 fee for international wire-transfers to the developer if you are not located within the United States.

You will be paid based on the cash entry fees players pay in your game and will receive a 50% revenue share. The actual amount is broken down on your revenue statement each month.

Revenue Statements will be made available within 30 days of the close of the month in your developer console and sent via email.

Review our terms of service, and if you have any further questions please Contact Us.