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Version: 26.2.9

Upgrading to SDK Version 25.x

Platform Specific Instructions

Unity Instructions for 25.x

This document is for developers who have previously integrated v23.x of the Skillz Unity SDK and want to update their integration using the v25.x release.

Before You Upgrade

v25.x of the Skillz SDK was tested with Unity 2018 LTS, 2019.2 and 2019.3, so we recommend using one of those versions for expected behavior.

Permissions Note

Due to Android now being built with Android SDK 28, your app will ask for permissions at runtime, rather than at install time. Unity typically operates by asking for all possible permissions on the first launch of your app, and this can be overwhelming/off-putting to your users. Refer to these instructions on how to prompt for only necessary permissions at runtime.


If you plan on adding Firebase to your Unity project, we recommend you use Unity Firebase 6.1.1, as it has been tested with Skillz v25.x. Using another version of Firebase may cause crashes and other unintended bugs at runtime!

Firebase Messaging and Dynamic Links are currently not supported with Skillz. Using either of these libraries will prevent push notifications and other Skillz SDK features from functioning correctly.


Delete the Assets/Skillz/ folder in Unity

Make sure to save any custom code you wrote in these Skillz files for safe keeping. In your Unity project, delete the Assets/Skillz/ folder in your Unity project.

Import the New Unity Package

With your Unity project open, double-click on the Unity package, skillz_unity_crossplatform.unitypackage, found inside the downloaded Unity SDK. A dialog will pop up with a list of files to import. Make sure all files are checked and click "OK".

Delete the SkillzDelegate Game Object

Breaking Change

Starting with v25.x, Skillz for Unity has replaced the SkillzDelegate game object with a settings window to configure your game. The SkillzDelegate game object is no longer required and should be deleted. Make sure to take note of your game ID and orientation before deleting it.

Configure Your Game in Skillz Settings

Skillz now has a dedicated settings window to configure your game. Access it from the Skillz > Settings menu item. It will look similar to:

Enter your game ID, choose either Sandbox or Production for the environment, and your game's orientation for Android.

The orientation setting is for Android only. For games that have mixed orientations, the orientation setting tells Skillz what orientation to set your game scene at when it is loaded at the start of a match. For instance, if the scene for your main menu is designed for Portrait mode, but your game scene is designed for Landscape, the orientation setting should be set to Landscape.

Test Your Game's Workflow

v25.x introduces a new feature called the Unity Companion. With it, you can test your game's workflow with Skillz from the Unity editor. Check out this article for instructions and more information.

Build Your Game

Follow the instructions on how to export and build your game for iOS or Android.

Next Steps

You have updated your project to v25.x. If you encounter a problem, please contact us with a detailed description of the issue you are encountering.

Custom Theming Warning

If your game takes advantage of our custom themed SDK feature, you will need to build an .ipa or .apk with the new SDK version, upload it to the Skillz Developer Console, and sync your game to Production. Prior to that, you may see artifacts within your custom theme.