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Version: 26.2.9

Release Notes

New in version 26.2.9

  • Xcode 12 support
  • Replays - significant iOS replay improvements for improved performance and video quality
  • Postbacks - Improved postbacks to ad networks
  • SKAdNetwork implementation - In preparation for the iOS 14 changes
  • New Video Ads - Opportunity for increased revenue by showing ads
  • Earn more Z - Players can now increase their Z balance by watching ads after matches to increase their winnings
  • In-App Notifications - Improved performance and functionality of the in-app notifications
  • Account Balance - Clean and refreshed UI when viewing account balance and transaction history within the SDK
  • Referral Page - UI overhaul for the referral page for users to invite their friends
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements

Important for iOS Integration

Please Note: Xcode 12 is now supported!!!

The latest version of Xcode is now supported.

Please Note: App Transport Security (ATS) Now Required

We have enabled ATS for iOS. This forces secure connections for all network communication. Please refer to Apple's docs Preventing Insecure Network Connections for more details.


The Skillz SDK will call the registerAppForAdNetworkAttribution method once initialized. Please refer to the Apple Documentation for all details concerning app install attribution with the skAdNetwork.

Important for Android Integration

  • The compileSdkVersion and targetSdkVersion has changed to 29

  • The AndroidManifest (included in the SDK) has an added setting

    <application android:requestLegacyExternalStorage="true" >

    which is required for the SDK to be compatible with API level 29. Please verify that this setting exists before uploading your new build.

Use this for your store description

Challenge people around the world with Skillz, a competition platform complete with leaderboards, trophies, physical or virtual prizes, and an amazing loyalty program that rewards you just for playing! Skillz: eSports for Everyone®

What's new for your store description

  • More opportunities to earn Z
  • Bug fixes and improved stability
  • Exciting additional features!