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Version: 26.2.9


This article will walk you through installing the Skillz SDK in your Unity project. Additionally, it will walk you through configuring your game for Skillz.

Before You Begin


If you plan on adding Firebase to your Unity project, we recommend you use Unity Firebase 6.1.1, as it has been tested with the Skillz SDK. Using another version of Firebase may cause crashes and other unintended bugs at runtime!

Firebase Messaging and Dynamic Links are currently not supported with Skillz. Using either of these libraries will prevent push notifications and other Skillz SDK features from functioning correctly.

Skillz Unity SDK Installation

Download the Skillz SDK

The latest version of the Skillz SDK for Unity can be found at the Downloads section of the Skillz Developer Console.

Decompress the file after it has finished downloading. Everything will be decompressed into a folder that starts with skillz_unity_crossplatform. Relative to that folder will be a sdk_unity_crossplatform_<SDK_VERSION>/Unity/sdk_unity_crossplatform/skillz_unity-<SDK_VERSION>.unitypackage file where SDK_VERSION is the version of the Skillz SDK that was downloaded.

Import the Unity Package Into Your Project

Now, import skillz_unity-<SDK_VERSION>.unitypackage into your Unity project. With your project open in Unity, click the Assets > Import Package > Custom Package... menu item. Select the skillz_unity-<SDK_VERSION>.unitypackage file from the previous step.

A dialog will pop up where you can choose the assets from the package to import. Click the 'All' button to make sure everything is checked. Next, click the 'OK' button.

The Skillz SDK is now installed in your Unity project. You should see an Assets/Skillz/ folder in your project tab.

Alternatively, you can drag and drop the package into your Unity project:

Installing Skillz

Configure Your Game for Skillz

Select the Skillz > Settings menu item to bring up the Skillz Settings window:

Set your game ID, the environment (Sandbox or Production), and the orientation for your game.

Please ensure to select the correct orientation if you plan to distribute your game on Android. This setting is important for ensuring your game renders in the correct orientation for gameplay. For instance, if the scene for your main menu is designed for Portrait mode, but your game scene is designed for Landscape, the orientation setting should be set to Landscape.

Next Steps

You're now ready to continue integrating your game with Skillz. As you complete the following sections, you'll eventually want to test your game's workflow with Skillz by using the SDK's Unity Companion. And when you're ready to test your game on a mobile device, refer to the instructions on how to build your game for iOS or Android.