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Version: 26.2.9

Implement the Skillz Delegate


Control of your application is given to Skillz when you launch the Skillz UI. Because of this, you'll need to implement the Skillz Delegate interface, which contains callbacks that will be invoked for key events. There are two events that are essential for interacting with Skillz:

  1. When a match is starting.
  2. When the user is exiting the Skillz UI (via the sidebar menu).

The following sections describe how to implement these two methods of the Skillz Delegate for each platform.

Important Note for Unity Integrations

To better understand how the Skillz SDK works with Unity please refer to our guidance on Unity Script Execution

For Unity, you need to implement the SkillzMatchDelegate interface as a regular C# class. This will be instantiated when launching Skillz later.

using SkillzSDK;
using UnityEngine;

public sealed class SkillzGameController : SkillzMatchDelegate
private const string GameSceneName = "Level1";
private const string StartMenuSceneName = "StartMenu";

public void OnMatchWillBegin(Match matchInfo)

public void OnSkillzWillExit()

Implementation of these methods will be covered later.