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Version: 26.2.9

Important Game Submisson Requirements

Enroll with Apple as an organization

For your iOS apps, please enroll as an organization (not as an individual) with Apple and submit your app under that organization. Apple requires competition skill-based games to be submitted by organizations. If you submit games as an individual, your app will be rejected.

Please refer to Apple's docs for enrollment information.

Become a Samsung Partner

Please note that if you don't register as a Samsung Partner, then you will be required to integrate the SDK and have in-app purchases within your game. Therefore, to simplify the submission process to the Samsung Galaxy Store, please enroll your Android apps as a Samsung partner.

Before you submit your new Skillz game to the Galaxy store, we recommend following these step-by-step instructions to make the process as quick and easy as possible:

  1. Reach out to your Skillz contact or contact us, asking for guidance to submit your game to the Samsung store. We will then send you the contact info of our partner at Samsung.
  2. Create a "Samsung Seller Account" via the registration page. NOTE: Make sure to register yourself as a Partner and NOT Developer. Doing so will exempt you from any mandatory Samsung SDK integrations.
  3. The form will then give you a field to enter a "Samsung Counterpart E-Mail". Please use the email address of the Skillz Samsung Representative that was provided to you in step 1.

Please refer to the Samsung docs for more details.