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Version: 26.2.9

Deep Linking


The Skillz SDK has a feature that allows promotional URL’s obtained through ads and emails to link directly into the Skillz interface and perform certain functionality automatically. For instance, a user could click on an URL that would automatically direct to the Skillz UI with a promo code pre-entered.

Configuring Deep Linking‚Äč


For iOS Objective-C games, Deep Linking is automatically implemented for you as long as you implemented the Skillz run script build-phase as laid out in the iOS SDK Installation Section Add the Skillz Run Script.

Optional: We recommend implementing the function skillzWillLaunch in your implementation of SkillzDelegate. This method will be called before Skillz launches and provides an opportunity to clean up any game state and/or de-allocate resources so that Skillz can launch. 

For example:

- (void) skillzWillLaunch {
if ([self isInGameState]) {
[self cleanGameState];
} else if ([self isInMenuState]) {
[self cleanMenuState];


Our Android SDK provides deep linking support and does not require any steps to implement for Android games.


Unity will automatically add deep linking support on both platforms. No additional steps are required to get deep linking working when you export to Android. The same holds true on iOS. On iOS the Unity Build Script adds the Skillz Run Script automatically to the Xcode project, so you don't have to.