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Version: 26.2.9

Creating a Custom Theme

You can customize the look of the Skillz UI using our "Custom Theme" feature so that it feels native to your game. Although we recommend customizing your theme, it is not mandatory, and you may opt to stick with the default.

You can access the theme editor from two places:

  • For active games: click “Edit Game” from your Developer Console home page and go to "Theme"
  • For in progress games: click "Continue Integration" from your Developer Console Home Page and go to "SDK Theme"

Theme Attribute Mappings

The following images illustrate what each theme attribute maps to in the Skillz UI:

Themes cannot be installed directly from your Unity project.


When building your project select Export Project. Using the generated Android Studio project, follow the instructions on the Android tab on this page.


When building your Unity iOS game, Unity will automatically generate an Xcode project for you. Using the generated Xcode project, follow the instructions on the iOS tab on this page.

Request to sync your theme to production

Once you’re happy with your theme on sandbox, go to your game's Theme page and click "Request Sync" (pictured below). Our integration team will email you to let you know when your theme has been synced to your production game.