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Version: 26.2.9

Creating In-App Purchases for Virtual Currency on the Google Play Store


  1. Navigate to Google Play Console and sign into your developer account.

  2. Select the app desired. Select Desired App

  3. On the left navigation panel, select Store presence, then select In-app products.

  4. Within In-app products, select ADD NEW PRODUCT to launch the product creation modal. Add New Product

  5. Select MANAGED PRODUCT and fill in the Product ID field. Then select CONTINUE to proceed to Managed product details. Managed Product Details

  6. Fill in the Title and Description fields. Select the pricing template under Pricing.

  7. Select SUBMIT UPDATE at the top of the page.

  8. Select the Inactive drop-down (found below SUBMIT UPDATE), and set the product status to Active. Active Status

  9. Under Developer Tools > Services & APIs find the section "Licensing & in-app billing". Locate the Base64-encoded RSA public key. Copy the key. (See screenshot below - the key is in the censored area) RSA Key

  10. Open your Android project in Android Studio. In the project's strings.xml add a string element:

<string name="SKILLZ_GOOGLE_PLAY_LICENSE_KEY">YourKey</string>

Where "YourKey" is the key copied from the dashboard. Note: Make sure there are no spaces.